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Chicken Stock? I didn’t know Chickens were publicly traded!

I know, I know. Bad joke.

Well, I’ve been saying from the start of this blog that I was gonna teach y’all how to make chicken stock from scratch. Well, as it turns out, I had to buy a stock pot before I could do that. Thank you, Kohl’s card.

Now, the thing about chicken stock is that there is no official “recipe.” The one real staple would be, well, chicken. Idk how to make veggie or beef stock (though I would assume the principle would remain the same) because honestly I just wouldn’t use either of those often enough to make it worth the time, effort, and freezer space.

The key to really good chicken stock is simple: it’s time. First, you need to save all the chicken bones you possibly can. I ended up with some turkey bones in mine, because I totally forgot they were turkey and not chicken. It’s fine, it tastes good. Just freeze them in ziplock bags until you’ve got at least a full day to make stock. It’s good to make on a cold day because having your stove on all day will help warm the house.

This time I had a bunch of bones AND a whole chicken to cook, so I just cooked the chicken in the stock till it was tender, then shredded the meat and put the bones back in the stock pot. BUT, first things first!

help! she’s fallen and she can’t get up!

Your veggies. The veggies help infuse the whole pot with more flavor, and really bring out that chickeny goodness. I used 2 onions, half a head (bunch?) of celery, and almost a whole bag of baby carrots. I like the carrot flavor, but not everyone does. I almost told you guys not to use garlic, but then I remembered I definitely did use garlic myself, so I retract the previous thought.

lookit all them veggies

Some people say you’re supposed to put all your herbs and spices in a sachet made of cheesecloth, but I didn’t have a cheesecloth and I didn’t feel like doing it, so straight in the pot it goes. I just trimmed and dried all my herbs, so I didn’t have any fresh to go in. I just used salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, and garlic. And I mean you really do just dump it all in a pot together.

So once you get everything in your stock pot, you’re gonna fill it with water. A lot of water. Like, way over the top of your chicken and then some.

And then you’re gonna boil the shit out of it. For hours and hours. Keep it at a steady boil the whole time. In the middle of mine I had to stop and de-bone the chicken, but if you don’t boil a whole chicken you won’t need to do that. I actually boiled mine from noon to about 4:30 PM on Friday, and then from 9 AM till noon on Saturday. If you do something similar, you can the time after it’s been in the fridge to scrape any fat off the top. You will probably have to refill with water at least once in this process, but you’re concentrating the flavors so that is A-OK.

When your broth has been boiled forever and ever, you need to use a big slotted spoon to get all the veggies and bones and stuff out that you can. I put a colander into a big pot and spooned it into that, so as not to use any of the broth. Then (with help, if you have it), pour the broth through a small strainer to get as many of the little particles out as you can.

After all that, I like to put mine into a bunch of small containers and freeze it. You can use it right away or freeze it, that is up to you. But the longer you cook, the more you realize you use chicken stock a LOT.



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