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Weapons in the kitchen? The answer may surprise you

*clickbait headline ftw*

So I’ve talked about this for weeks now, and it’s finally gonna happen, y’all: How to season a skillet.

look how shiny that thing is

You know Rapunzel kept her skillets well-seasoned, with all that extra time she had between hair-brushing.

Seasoning your skillets is how you keep them clean, and non-stick. Something that took me an exceptionally long time to learn (despite being told more than once) is to never ever soak your skillet, and never douse it in soap. Using soap is just taking off that non-stick seasoning.

first things first, a dirty skillet

Yes I DID take these pictures the same night I made cornbread, you’re very observant good job. Anyway, remove all ya food from the skillet, and dump out any loose crumbs.

Put the dirty skillet back over a fire, and get it smoking hot. I do mean that. You’re also going to want really hot water, so I usually just run that while the skillet is on the fire.

This next bit is the trickiest bit, and since you’re working with a hot skillet and hot water, please wear an oven mitt to grab the handle, and a rubber glove to hold your scrubber.

run it directly under the hot tap water

Side note: keep your face back or you will probably get steam burns on your face. With the skillet under the hot water, scrub around the sides (quickly!) and over the middle. Usually, this will take off everything, but if there’s a stubborn piece, you may need to dump the first batch of water and scrub a little harder. It will come off pretty easily though, I assure you.

Put that bad boy back on the fire, and let the water sizzle off. It won’t take very long, I promise. If you see any bits of food that got left behind, you can run it under the hot water and scrubber some more, but that’s up to you.

Once your skillet is all the way dry, you’re just going to pour in a small puddle of oil. Don’t use olive oil, it leaves a weirdly sweet flavor.

small puddle, see

Now just take a couple of paper towels, and swipe the oil around in the inside, soaking up any excess and thoroughly coating your skillet.

my skillet is cleaner than yours

And that’s it, that’s how to clean and season a skillet. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!


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