Cinnamon French Toast Bake feels really long-winded and this is probably a long enough title, don’t you think?

That is just sinful, isn’t it?

I am a sucker for cinnamon rolls. Not the shitty ones from most donut shops (I mean they’re OK but not near as good as real ones), or even the Cinnabon ones. I mean straight from the oven, hot, gooey cinnamon rolls.

Ugh just get in my mouth.

These are the best ones, by far. They come frozen and you have to thaw them and then let them rise, but it’s so worth it. But I’m pretty fond of the ones from the can as well. Fun fact, in my house we always called canned biscuits “whop biscuits” because you often have to whop them on the counter to get the can to open.

Anyway, this is the Cinnamon French Toast Bake from the Pillsbury website, but I’ve altered it just a bit. This is because I hate maple syrup, and the recipe calls for it specifically. Haha well fuck you, recipe, I’m using butter flavored syrup in mine. Partly because that was the brand that has the short fat bottle you can microwave, instead of the tall one that is useless and terrible.

mmmm butter

I was supposed to go to brunch saturday morning, which is why I got all the stuff to make this in the first place, but the host ended up not feeling well so we cancelled. Which meant I got to sit around and eat this and drink mimosas, because dammit I’ve been good this week and I needed to relax.

It’s all actually super easy, and you could slam mimosas a lot faster than I was and still have it turn out just fine. Probs be careful with the slamming though because like…glass and stuff.

Anyway it’s a lot like bread pudding, really, but without the raisins or whiskey sauce. So, y’know, better. It’s French toast you don’t have to flip! Perfect!

Cracked Out Cinnamon French Toast Bake
Literally That Good Shit


  • ¼ cup melted butterrrr
  • 2 cans of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls with icing
  • 6 eggs
  • ½ cup heavy whooping cream
  • 2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract mmmm
  • 1 cup chopped pecans
  • 1 cup syrup of choice*
  1. Aight so first things first, preheat yo oven to 375. That is fahrenheit, to the rest of you commies.
  2. I usually melt my butter right in the dish I’m gonna use for baking, as the oven heats up. Just pay attention to it.
  3. Chop up ur cinnamon rolls into 4-8 pieces, depending on how lazy ur ass is first thing in the morning. Toss them bad boys straight into the melted butter in ya pan.
  4. In a bowl, beat eggs till they’re afraid to go near you. Beat in cream, cinnamon, and vanilla till it’s aaaallllllll smooth.
  5. Pour over ya cinnamon roll pieces, and put the bowl in the sink and fill it with water so it doesn’t dry and get gross.
  6. Sprinkle pecans and pour syrup over the top of that shit, and pop it uncovered in the oven for 20-28 minutes.
  7. After it’s out, wait 15 minutes then pour the icing that came with the rolls over the top of ur bake, along with half a cup of syrup, if desired.

*The original recipe said maple syrup but I don’t like maple so we’re not gonna do that.


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