There is Nothing Million Dollar-y About This Baked Spaghetti But It’s Not Bad

Idk if you guys know this, but January fucking sucks. Like, for the most part, on a global scale, it sucks balls. Big ones. I’ll include a comic that describes why.


There’s nothing good in January, and so I’ve been semi-hibernating with Dragon Age: Inquisition for pretty much the whole month. I cooked actual food like three times, tops. But one of those times, I used a recipe I got from Pinterest (obviously) to repurpose spaghetti so it looked slightly different and James wouldn’t complain about eating it like 5 times in a row. It didn’t work, but the recipe was pretty tasty overall.

Now, this one tells you how to make your own spaghetti sauce. I had already done that, and was using like 3-day-old spaghetti sauce, so I got to skip like half the recipe. I also think I would definitely go for ricotta cheese instead of cream cheese, because:

A) Ricotta is better.


B) Cream cheese is fucking hard to spread if you’re me and never fucking remember to set out the cream cheese to soften. Every goddamn time, lemme tell you.

I mean, the recipe was GOOD. Would have been better if I could have gotten the cream cheese to just SPREAD but spreading anything on top of sauced noodles is sort of a practice in futility at its core, so let’s not kid ourselves there.

So you preheat the oven, first of all, and then you gotta boil spaghetti unless you’ve already got spaghetti and sauce made which is literally the only way I’d recommend making this recipe. If I make spaghetti, I’m just gonna eat it for a couple days!

probably don’t do what I did and put whole fresh basil leaves tho

Cold spaghetti noodles with a jar of marinara….yummy. For the record, I buy spaghetti sauce when it goes on sale (either 10/$10 or 79 cents a can) and keep it stocked for months. Shit’s delicious, don’t hate.


It LOOKS spreadable, right?! Well it’s a LIE.

not pictured, me fighting with two spatulas and a ball of cream cheese and parmesan

I mean the end result was pretty tasty, and overall really close to lasagna, flavor-wise. However, unless you just really like making more work for yourself, I’d probably just stick to eating spaghetti until you can’t stand it anymore.

despite being a pain in the ass, shit was tasty

You can find the recipe at Dinner Then Dessert, or just sort of make it up as you go.


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