Oklahoma BBQ Brisket, Y’all

So, as I’m sure most Americans are aware, there’s a highly disputed, largely unofficial competition between several regions of the US over who has the best BBQ. I am here to tell you that the answer, unequivocally, is Oklahoma.

We combine all the best parts of Texas and KC BBQ, and ours is just better. Don’t @ me, it’s true.

However, in this particular case, this brisket is not true BBQ, if only because there is no “dry rub” to speak of. Dry rub is when you take a spice mixture and, as the name implies, rub it into the meat, which is usually then smoked for a long ass time.

Not today, satan.


You see the problem with this brisket? He’s having to cut it, like some sort of savage or peasant.

My mama’s brisket recipe originally called for carrots and tomatoes, but I didn’t have any carrots, and she recommended no tomatoes if we’re doing it with gravy, which we did.

WARNING: vegetarians and the squeamish are recommended to look away. Raw meat upcoming.

I don’t have a crockpot quite big enough for a whole brisket, so I ended up having to cut it in half after seasoning with salt and pepper.

“Jules,” you say, aghast. “Surely you’re not gonna just plop that raw ass hunk of meat in the crockpot?”

Well, you are correct. You CAN do that. But not for brisket. For brisket, you gotta sear a lil more flavor up in that meat. Percolate the juices better and all that jazz.

You get that skillet SMOKIN hot. Pro tip, have a fan in the window and a towel ready to fan your smoke detectors, because the likelihood is that you will set them off. I did. The dogs were howling. Hubby thought I set something on fire. Them loud ass smoke detectors are both screeching. Shit was intense.


Look at that SEAR y’all. Friggin glorious.

Now, the next thing you’re gonna do is prep an onion or two into slices. Dump a 1 lb bag of baby carrots in the slow cooker (they add a lot of flavor, y’all), brisket on top, and onions on top of that.

Now, sit ya ass down because it’s gonna be 8 hours till that bad boy is shreddable, tender and perfect for brisket sandwiches, OR make gravy and have it as a roast.

And that, my good peeps, is how you brisket.

Fork-Tender Slow Cooker Brisket
I don’t HAVE a good title for this one, okay?


  • One brisket
  • Salt-n-peppa
  • Lil bit of oil
  • 1 sliced whole onion
  • 1 lb bag of baby carrots
  1. Okay y’all, this could not possibly be easier.
  2. First things first, you’re gonna slice your brisket in half, unless you have an absolutely massive skillet.
  3. You’re gonna pat that puppy (no actual puppies involved) dry and season pretty liberally wit ya salt-n-peppa.
  4. Heat up a couple splashes of oil in a big ass skillet almost to the smoke point, then set that big ol’ slab o’ meat in the skillet. There will be smoke.
  5. Sear all sides of the brisket, carefully so you don’t burn yo ass.
  6. Slice one large or two small onions into slices.
  7. Dump the bag of baby carrots in yo slow cooker. Pop that seared hunk of meat on top, and layer the onions on top of that.
  8. Cook low and slow for 8 hours, and I promise you, it will be so tender you can’t get it out of the slow cooker for slicing. Just pull it out bit by bit and shred it with a fork.

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