Cheesy Mushroom Chickin I legit made up because I was out of nearly everything.

And honestly the title doesn’t even encompass the absolute best part of this post.

Now, I know many of you, my devoted followers, have been jonesing for a look at the man known only as “Hubby.” Who could tie down such a snack as myself? You’ve asked.

No one has actually asked, but I know you’re curious.

feat. sophie, once again helping with dinner

As I’m certain you noticed, this man is wearing a headlamp. That is because the light in our kitchen is TERRIBLE, and one of the bulbs in the overhead light went out so it’s even worse now.

But ANYWAY that’s James! He’s tall and ridiculous and kind of awesome. Last weekend I was PMSing pretty hardcore and so he sat me down and brought me a sandwich to calm me down. It was very effective.

Now, James’s cooking experience in the past is pretty well limited to grilling, pancakes, or beanie weenies.

For Valentine’s Day this year, he offered to make me whatever I wanted, so I had him follow my recipe for Zuppa Toscana. It was AMAZING and since then he has made increasingly difficult recipes for us. He’s pretty good at following directions, and if he can do it so can you, that’s all I’m sayin.

He also insisted on getting some action shots for this. Which, given that I am usually my own photographer, is kinda fun.

This chicken I created a while back, with stuff that was all I could find that would go together, lmao. That’s a fun thing to do if you are in charge of your own kitchen. Just guess! Literally just fuckin guess, man.

So of course first things first you gotta brown your chicken, which you obvs seasoned with salt, pepper, and a lil sprinklin of garlic powder.

The garlic powder is optional, but highly recommended.

Such good action shots. He’s so talented!

Fun fact: I married him so I can have redheaded children.


Now, this photo is extra dark, but he is quite nicely modeling the can of Cream of Mushroom soup. And yes, you CAN substitute Cream of Chicken if you have big whiny babies. Or allergies.

Now, this next part is where we get to the “Jules, WTF are you doing?” part of the meal. I know this, because I said it to myself even as I did it.

What you are gonna do now is add in a tablespoon or so of good old yellow mustard. Yes, like French’s. If you’re lucky enough to have Coleman’s from the UK, a teaspoon will do instead.

Once the sauce is completed you’re good to go ahead and return the chicken to the pan, and give it a good coating. Let it simmer just a lil bit to really get everything good and incorporated.

This is one of those super easy recipes you all know and love me for. If my Hubby can do it with his limited cooking experience, so can you! Go forth and cook!


Jules WTF Are You Doing Chicken
Y’all think I’m playin’


  • 6-7 Boneless skinless chickin thighs
  • #thickthighssavelives
  • One whole onion, diced
  • Salt-N-Pepa
  • Holey Cheese (Swiss, or whatever you got fam)
  • Lil Bit O’ chickin juice
  • A splurt of mustard (that’s a highly scientific unit of measurement)
  • One can cream of mushroom soup
  1. I know y’all looked at that ingredients list and thought “what in the actual fuck” but I ain’t even playin’. This shit was the bomb.
  2. So FIRST THINGS FIRST MUHFUCKAS, ur gonna salt-n-pepa that chickin, you know the drill by now. Always season first. Always.
  3. Splash a lil drizzle of olive oil in ur pan and get it good and hot. Ur chickin ought to sizz when you slap it in the pan. YES I SAID SLAP IT.
  4. Ur gonna wanna sear that chickin pretty good on both sides.When it’s looking pretty good, go ahead and toss ur diced onion in the pan and lower the heat to medium/low.
  5. Ur pullout game is getting a workout today because ur gonna pull that chickin out the pan and let them onions saute for a lil bit.
  6. When they lookin good and soft, pour in some o’ that good chickin juice (broth), like maybe a cup to a cup and a half?
  7. Let it simmer down a lil bit before you toss in that can of mushroom soup and some mustard. I used good old American yellow mustard (No more than a tablespoon for sure), but you do you boo.
  8. When that is all nice and incorporated, ur gonna add in about, oh, Idk maybe a cup of cheese? I used Swiss cheese, but if u don’t have it u can sub something else in there.
  9. Add ur chickin back into the pan, and simmer until it’s got a good, thick coating of dat sauce.
  10. Serve it up with whatever tf you want, man, I’d suggest some rice or couscous or whatnot but you do you.

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